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Kids Story – The Cunning Stork

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Once a stork lived near a pond. The stork was a big bird with a long neck and a long Beak. There were many fish in the pond and the stork would eat many of them’every day. He never went hungry.

However, over the years, the stork became old and slow. Kids Story English

It was not easy for him to catch fish because they were quick and would swim away. The stork now had to stay hungry quite often. So he thought of a plan that would get him food every day.

The next day, he stood on one foot. He did not try to catch fish but pretended to look very sad.

The fish were surprised that the stork was not trying to catch them.

One young fish was very bold. She asked the Stork, “What is the matter? Why are you so sad? Why aren’t you catching us today? Are you not hungry?”

The stork replied, “I am hungry but am feeling very sad. I pity you all.”

“But why?” asked the curious fish.

“A fisherman is coming here to catch you all in his big net,” said the stork.

“This is bad news,” said the fish. You Read These Kids Story English on

Then the stork said, “Don’t worry. can help you. Though I am old, I will take you one by one to the other pond, where you will be safe and happy.”

The fish thought that it was a good idea because it would save them from the cruel fisherman and his net. So, they all agreed to the stork’s plan.

The stork would pick up the fish and fly away. Then he would eat the fish and come back for another. He also left some of the fish on the ground to dry.

Meanwhile, a clever crab had been observing the stork carrying the fish. He went to the stork and said, “Why don’t you take me also to the other pond?”

Kids Story English

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The stork was fed up of eating fish every day, so he readily agreed to take the crab, for he loved crab meat.

The crab was too big to stay in the stork’s mouth, so the crab said, “Let me sit on your neck.” The stork agreed.

As the stork flew, the crab looked down and saw some dead fish lying on the ground. He also saw fish bones.

The crab realised that the stork was not good and helpful, but had killed the poor fish. So he thought of a plan to punish the evil stork.

He told the stork, “It is so nice of you to save me but I feel I should save my family also. Let us go back and I will show you where they are.”

The stork was greedy and thought that he would get some more crabs to eat. So he turned around to go back to the pond which they had left behind.

The stork asked, “Tell me, where is your family, crab?”

”Near the pond where we met,” said the clever crab. Kids Story English

“So we should go to the pond and bring your family here,” said the stork.

“It is so nice of you that you are helping me to save my family,” said the crab.

“It is my duty,” said the greedy stork, and he turned back to fly to the pond.

They were very near to the pond now. You Read These Kids Story English on

The crab said, “I also have a duty to do. You told the fish that you would help them. But you have been killing all the fish. I have to end the life of Such a bad stork, as you have turned out to be.”

Just as they reached the pond, the crab bit the stork’s neck hard. The head of the stork fell off.

The dead stork and the crab fell down onto the ground. The crab got a bit hurt, but he was happy that he had done a good deed. He went and told the fish how the stork had killed the other fish.

They were sad for the dead fish but glad that Such a bad stork was dead at last, and would never trouble them again. They all thanked the crab for saving their lives. They also pledged never to trust anyone blindly.

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