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Moral Story in English

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A jackal was very hungry, When he could not get anything in the forest, he walked to a nearby village. As he entered the village, the dogs saw him and started barking. Then they began chasing the jackal.

The jackal ran fast but from every side, the village dogs barked at him. The jackal was very frightened.

Just then, he saw the open door of a hut and ran straight into it. This was a washerman’s house.

The jackal had been running very fast so he could. Not stop himself and fell into the pit of water, in which the washerman had put blue colour.

By then the dogs had stopped barking, so the jackal looked out of the door. The dogs had all gone away.

Now, he quickly but quietly ran to the forest. He was so thirsty that first, he went to a pond to drink some water.

As he looked in the water, he got a shock. He had become blue. Then he saw that the other animals were also afraid of him because they had never seen a blue animal like him.

The jackal was very clever. He told one of the animals to get all the animals together.

When all the. Animals had gathered, he said, “God has sent me to look after you all. I am here to solve your problems, so that you all may live in peace. You all must respect me for I am your king.”

Moral Story in English in Short

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All the animals believed him and Started getting gifts for him. They obeyed whatever he said.

The jackal was having a wonderful time. He did not have to work or look for food. He just ordered everyone around and all the other animals did everything for him. Even the lions and tigers obeyed him and brought food for him.

The jackal enjoyed himself as the king of the forest. He had never been so happy. Now, he never went hungry.

But one day, he called for a big meeting. He was listening. To the problems of the other animals when suddenly, he heard a pack of jackals howling outside.

The blue jackal forgot that he was acting like a king. He could not stop himself and howled back.

All the animals were surprised. The jackal realised his mistake and became quiet. There was silence for a minute.

Then all the animals of the forest realised that the blue animal was just an ordinary jackal. They became angry and really beat him up for having fooled them for so many days.

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