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A cat, a rat, and a mongoose lived near a banyan tree and an owl lived on the tree.

The owl was afraid of the cat, and the mongoose was scared of both the cat and the owl. The rat was afraid of all of them.

One day, the cat got trapped in a net laid by a hunter under the tree.

The rat came and felt very happy to see the cat in the net. It started dancing and singing with happiness.

Just then the mongoose and the owl came and they saw the rat, just as the rat saw them.

The rat became scared as it knew that both the owl and the mongoose wanted to kill it. The rat had to make up its mind as to what it should do next.

The rat could not go to its house because the owl and the mongoose were in the way, ready to catch it.

The rat knew that the cat was its enemy but she was alone and in a net, while the owl and the mongoose were together, and both were its enemies. So the rat acted fast.

It took a risk and went inside the net and sat with the cat. The cat turned at once to kill the rat.

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The rat said, “Please don’t kill me. If you let me live then I will bite off the net with my sharp teeth and set you free.”

The cat wanted to be free from the net, so she did not kill the rat. The owl and the mongoose then went away when they saw that the rat was with the cat.

After the rat gnawed off the strings of the net, the cat was free from the net. The rat also quickly ran to its hole.

The cat came the next day to meet the rat, but the rat said, “I don’t want to meet you because we are enemies.”

The cat said, “Why won’t you meet me? Yesterday, we had become friends.”

The rat said, “We were friends for a short time. You saved me from my enemies and I saved you from the net.”

The cat said, “So we are friends.”

The rat said, “No. Because enemies will always be enemies and there can be no trust between them. Our friendship was only for a short time. So let us stay just as we used to live earlier.”

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