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Short Stories for Kids – A Matter Of Trust

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A fox was very hungry. He saw a peacock sitting on the branch of a tree.

The fox wanted to eat the peacock but knew that he could not climb the tree.

The clever fox said to the peacock, “Why are you sitting on the tree? ls, it to save yourself from me?

But now I can’t hurt you.”

The peacock asked “Why this sudden change of heart?

The fox said “I have to be good. It has been decided in a meeting that now animals cannot kill each other for food.”

“Do you mean to say that lions and tigers will eat grass from today?” asked the peacock, laughing at the fox.

The fox had no answer but he could no longer wait to eat the peacock.

So the fox said to the peacock, “This is a very good point. Come down and we will go to the king to discuss this with him.”

The peacock smiled and said “We need not go to them. It is not necessary.”

“Why not?” asked the fox.

“Because I can see your friends coming here,” replied the clever peacock.

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“Who are they?” asked the fox. The peacock knew that the fox was afraid of the hounds because the hounds could kill him.

The Peacock said, “Some hounds are coming.”

The fox got scared and turned to run away. Then the peacock laughed and said, “Why are you running away? You said no animal would kill each other.”

The fox said, “Maybe the hounds have not heard of this meeting. “

The peacock was glad that he had not trusted the fox because now it was clear that the fox had been telling lies.

Short Stories for Kids – Weak Can Be Strong Too!

Moral Stories / Short Stories for kids | Stories

Once, an earthquake shook a village so badly that all the people left the village to live elsewhere. A big group of mice started living in the village. The mice were very happy there.

But after a few days, a small herd of elephants started passing through that village. The herd would trample many mice to death under their huge feet.

This made the mice sad and they held a meeting.

In the meeting, the king mouse said, “I will go to the king elephant and; ask him to change their route.”

As decided the king mouse went to the king elephant and said “Oh, King Elephant. We are dying because of you all. Please change your route. Whenever you need us, we will help you.”

The king elephant laughed and said, “You are so small. How can you help us? But don’t worry, we will change our route so that you all remain safe.”

The king mouse thanked the king elephant and ran away happily to tell the good news to all the other mice. All of them were overjoyed to hear the good news.

After some days, the king mouse heard the call of the king elephant. He felt that the elephants were in danger. The elephants had been caught in a net, and the next day, they would be taken to the king’s camp to be used in the army.

The king mouse shouted to all the mice to come with him. They saw the elephants caught in a net.

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The king mouse spoke loudly, “My dear mice! These elephants had changed their route for us. Now we must help them. Come on, let us bite off this net and let them free.”

All the mice started gnawing at the strings of the net with their sharp teeth. They did not rest till the whole net was cut and the elephants were free.

The king elephant then said, “Thank you so much, dear friends.”

The king mouse said, “Don’t waste time, king elephant. Run away from here before the king’s people come to catch you all. Don’t worry. We will always remain friends helping each other.”

The king elephant, said, “Thanks again. You all look so small and weak, but you all are really big and strong.”

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