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Moral Stories in English – Singing Donkey

Moral Stories / Short Stories in English

A Donkey started working for a Washerman. He carried the clothes to be washed by the washerman. From the hut, he went to the river, where the washerman washed the clothes, and then he came back with the washed clothes loaded on his back. He was quite happy with his easy job.

The donkey was happy, but one thing still made him sad. The old washerman did not give the donkey enough to eat, so he used to feel very hungry all the time.

One day, the donkey happened to stray to some big fields nearby. There were many crops growing in those fields.

So he started going there every day to eat the crops when no one was watching him.

Now he felt nice because he got enough to eat and no longer went hungry. One day, he was eating the crops in the fields, when suddenly, he felt as if someone was watching him.

He felt someone was hiding behind a tree. He became afraid that he would be caught and punished.

He stopped eating and stood still for a while, straining his ears. Yes, there was someone there. He slowly moved to see who it was.

it was a fox. The donkey looked at the fox thinking that he might hurt him. But the fox smiled and began to talk with the donkey. The fox looked very friendly.

Moral Stories / Short Stories in English

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Soon the donkey and the fox became friends. They would also eat the crops in the fields together.

Now the donkey was really happy. He had a good friend, good food to eat and an easy job as well. Life was good.

One night, the fox and the donkey met again. That day, they saw big watermelons in another field and both started eating them.

The watermelons were so sweet that the donkey loved to eat them.

He told the fox, “I am feeling so happy, that I want to sing.”

The fox said, “No. Dear donkey. Don’t sing. If you sing, the man who looks after these fields will hear you. He will find out that we are eating his crops. Then we will be punished.”

The donkey said.”You are needlessly afraid. Nothing will happen. Singing makes me happy, and so I will sing.”

The fox said, “The owner of this field is sleeping close by. If he hears you sing, he will beat us and we will never be able to eat this delicious crop again.”

But the donkey would not listen. He had made up his mind to sing. The fox then said, “All right, sing if you have to, but stay quiet just now. You may sing after two minutes. Let me go first.”

In a flash of a second, the fox had jumped over the fence and hid himself. Then the donkey started singing.

He lifted his head and let out a loud, ‘hee-haw’,’hee-haw.’He thought he was singing, but the clever fox knew that he was just braying. The donkey sang louder, enjoying himself. Now the owner of the field woke up.

The man looked around and saw the donkey braying. He also saw how much crop had been eaten up.

He thought that the donkey alone had eaten up everything because he could not see anyone else.

The man became very angry. He picked up a stick and ran towards the donkey. But the donkey did

not see him because he was busy singing.

The man hit the donkey with the stick. He hit him so hard that soon the donkey forgot to sing and started crying.

The man then threw the stick and went away. The donkey was afraid that he might come back and beat him again.

So slowly the donkey joined the fox in the next field and lay down on the ground because his body was hurting all over.

The fox said, “I am sorry that the man beat you so much, but I told you not to sing. Now because of you, we cannot eat in the fields. Life had been so good. Why did you have to sing?

“ Yes, I have been very foolish. I did not listen to you. I am really sorry, dear fox, “replied the donkey sadly.

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