Stories for Kids – Elephant Hits Back – Best Short Stories

Stories for Kids – Elephant Hits Back

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There was once a kind and gentle elephant. He was friendly and never hurt anyone. So everyone loved him. The elephant would go to the temple every morning and pass through a busy market.

There the florist would give the elephant a garland of yellow flowers every day, and the fruitseller would give him a fruit every day.

All the people would stand around the elephant and pat him lovingly and kindly, which the elephant greatly enjoyed.

When the elephant got so much love and kindness, he gave love and kindness to others too. He often took the small children of the shopkeepers for joy rides.

One day, the florist felt like teasing the elephant. When the elephant came, the florist put out his left hand with a garland. But he did not give the garland.

He had a needle in his right hand with which he used to make garlands.

He pricked the elephant’s trunk with it. The elephant let out a loud cry, and the people around started laughing.

The elephant was in great pain where the needle had pricked him so he sat down to rest. He felt hurt and angry. Slowly, he got up and walked away quietly. He could still hear the florist and the

people around laughing at him.

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He did not go to the temple that day. he went straight to the pond nearby and filled his trunk with the dirty water of the pond. Then he walked to the shop of the florist.

When he reached the florist, the florist started laughing at the elephant again. Then the elephant aimed his trunk at me florist and sprayed the dirty water right onto the florist.

All the dirty water fell on the florist and in the shop. All the flowers of the shop were dirtied by the water, and that day the florist did not earn any money because nobody bought the dirty flowers.

The elephant went to the florist the next morning and stood outside his shop. The scared florist quietly gave him a garland of flowers for the temple.

The florist had learned that it was best to be kind to the elephant because then the elephant too

would be kind to him. But if anyone teased the elephant, then he would hit back. So he decided not to trouble the elephant at all.

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