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There lived a poor man in a village. He had some land in the village but though he toiled day and night, nothing would grow on the land.

One day, while he was working on his land, he felt very tired. So he Fell asleep under a tree.

When he woke up, the poor man was quite surprised to see a snake peeping out of a hole in the ground under the tree. The snake hissed at him.

The farmer thought, “Oh! Now I know what the matter is. The king cobra lives here and I have never fed him milk. So he is angry With me and does not let anything grow on my land.”

The farmer then ran to his hut and brought a bowl of milk for the king cobra. He sat down nearby and prayed for money and happiness. You Read This Short Story For Kids on

The cobra drank the milk and said to the farmer, “I am very happy with you. Get me a bowl of milk every day.”

The farmer bent down to pick up the empty bowl and was astonished to see a gold coin in it. The farmer was overjoyed and he thanked the snake.

From that day onwards, the farmer gave a bowl of milk to the Cobra and got a gold coin in return daily. Slowly, his fields were full of crops and he became rich.

Besides continuing to grow crops, the farmer gradually started a business in the nearby town. He was happy and had a lot of money.

Short Story For Kids

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Once the farmer had to go to a far off city to buy some seeds for his farm. He told his son to give the Cobra a bowl of milk every day.

The young son of the farmer gave a bowl of milk the next day and saw the gold coin in the bowl. He felt very happy.

He looked at the snake and wondered.”If the snake takes out the gold coins from its stomach, then it must be having lots of them in his stomach,” thought the greedy boy.

He went on keeping the bowl of milk every day and getting the gold coins.

One day, he thought, “It is foolish to collect only one gold coin every day. Why don’t I take all the gold coins in one day?” You Read This Short Story For Kids on

So the next day, the farmer’s son gave a bowl of milk to the cobra. The cobra finished the milk, and as was the daily routine, left a gold coin in the bowl.

As the cobra turned to go back in the hole, the farmer’s son cut off the snake’s neck with an ax. He then ripped open the stomach of the snake but was shocked to find no gold coin there.

He then realized his mistake. His greed had blinded him, and he knew that now he would not get any gold coins ever.

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