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A tortoise lived near a river. It walked slowly but talked endlessly. It had two geese for friends. They enjoyed each other’s company and had a nice time.

One particular summer, it didn’t rain at all. The sun was so hot that all the rivers and lakes dried up.

The river near which the three friends lived also became dry. They had to search here and there for water to drink. It was not an easy task to do in the scorching heat of the sun.

So the three friends sat thinking as to what should be done. They looked around the place everywhere but could not find water anywhere nearby. So they planned to move to another lake.

They realised walking would not help since all the nearby ponds and lakes had dried up. So, they had to fly.

The problem was that the geese could fly but the tortoise could not fly. Simple English Moral Story

The tortoise said, “I have a plan. Get a stick and you both hold it at the two ends with your beaks, and I will hold the stick in the center with my mouth.”

One goose said, “This plan is good but dangerous because you talk a lot and can’t keep quiet for long.”

Simple English Moral Story

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The other goose said, “If you open your mouth to talk while we are flying, then you will fall off the stick on the ground.” You Read This Simple English Moral Story on

The tortoise said, “Yes, you both are right. If I fall, I will surely die. But don’t worry. I will keep quiet.”

So they got hold of a stick. One goose held it in its beak at one end, and the other one held the stick at the other end. The tortoise caught the stick with his mouth in the center and they flew up. They flew over forests and hills, valleys and rivers, and when they passed over a city, many people looked at them curiously.

It was indeed a strange sight to see the two geese and a tortoise holding a stick and flying.

The people of the town had never seen such a thing so they started clapping and shouting.

The geese were worried that now the tortoise would start talking. They wanted to tell him not to talk. But they could not leave the stick, so they kept quiet.

The tortoise heard the people shouting. He tried to look down but could not see what was happening.

Finally, the tortoise could not stop himself. He wanted to ask, “What is this noise?

But when he opened his mouth to say this, he left the stick. The tortoise fell from the sky onto the ground and died. The poor geese could not do anything to save the foolish tortoise from falling on the ground below.’They realised that they had lost their friend forever.  Simple English Moral Story

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