New Moral Stories in English – The Lion And The Hare

New Moral Stories in English – The Lion And The Hare

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There lived a lion in a forest who was cruel to all the other animals. He would kill many of them at a time and eat them. He loved being called the king of all the animals.
One day, all the animals called a meeting to discuss how they could stop the lion from killing so many of them.
Finally, they decided that they would tell the lion not to kill so many of them every day. They agreed to send one animal daily to the lion as his food.

The message was sent and the lion agreed. Every day an animal was sent as his dinner and the rest of the animals stopped being afraid till their turn came.
One day, it was the turn of the clever hare.
The hare did not want to die. He wanted to save himself and the other animals. He had to do something. So he walked very slowly and reached the lion’s den later than noon.
By that time, the lion was very angry. He shouted, “Why are you so late? Do you want me to kill all the animals?
The hare said, “I am sorry, I am late but I could not help it.”
The lion shouted, “Why?
The hare said, “I was coming to you but then I saw another lion. I became very scared and I hid till the lion had left and then I came here. That lion calls himself the king of the forest.”

New Moral Stories in English

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The lion roared angrily, “ls there another lion in this forest? Does he call himself the king? Where is he? I will kill him.”
The hare said, “Come with me, My Lord, and I will show you the lion.”
The hare then led the lion to a well in the forest, but the lion could not see any other lion. He was all the angrier and shouted, “Where is that other lion?”
The hare pretended to look here and there as if looking for the other lion. He then peeped into the well and said, “The other lion is afraid of you, and so he is hiding from you. Look in the well and you will see him.”
The lion peeped in the well and saw his own face in the water. But he thought that it was the other lion. He roared loudly and the well echoed the loud roar.
The lion thought that the other lion was roaring at him. He became so angry that he shouted, “I will kill you.”
He jumped into the well and hit his head against the wall, and died.
Then the old hare went back to the other animals and told them that the lion was dead. They were all very happy and thanked the hare for freeing them from the cruel lion. Now they could live happily in peace, without any fear.

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