Moral Story in English – Crows’ Revenge – Story

Moral Story in English – Crows’ Revenge

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A crow and his wife lived on a banyan tree. They had been living there for a long time and were very happy.

Then one day, the female crow laid some eggs. Every morning, one of the crows would go out in search of food. The other would stay behind and look after the eggs.

One day they both went to look for food for themselves, leaving the eggs behind. Asnake also lived there in a hole at the foot of the tree.

When the crows came back in the evening, they could not find their eggs in the nest. They looked here and there, then they understood what might have happened to the eggs.

The snake had slid up the tree and eaten all the eggs. This made the crows very sad, and they sat down and cried.

But the crows decided that they wouldn’t give up. The female crow laid more eggs but the same thing happened to those eggs too.

This happened many times. Both the crows were very unhappy but they did not know what to do.

Then one day, the female crow said, “We must do something because the snake has eaten so many of our eggs. Let us leave this tree and go away to

another tree.”

The male crow said, “Why should we leave our tree? We have been living here for such a long time.”

Moral Story in English

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Then what can we do? We cannot fight with the snake. It is so long and strong,” said the female crow.

The male crow said, “Let us go to the clever jackal. he might tell us what we should do to get rid of the snake.”

They told their story to the jackal who said”You should not leave your tree because you have done no wrong. If somebody has to go, it should be the wicked snake. Let me think of a plan.”

The crows waited quietly and then the jackal said, “I know what you should do.”

Go to the palace of the king. The princess, the daughter of the king, also lives there. When she goes for a bath in the morning, she removes her necklace and keeps it on the table,” said the jackal.

You have to pick up the necklace from there and drop it in the hole in which the snake lives,” he added.

The next morning, the two crows went to the palace of the princess and picked up the necklace which she had kept on the table before her bath. The crows flew off with the necklace. The princess saw them and raised an alarm.

The royal guards ran after the crows who did as the jackal had said. They dropped the necklace in the snake’s hole and sat right on the top of the tree.

The necklace fell on the snake and it came out from its hole to see what had happened. The guards saw the snake with the necklace.

They killed the snake with sharp spears. Then they picked up the necklace and took it to the princess.

The crows rejoiced, for now, their eggs were safe, all thanks to the clever jackal.

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